Lessons from Covid-19.

CORONA VIRUS, the Covid 19 has already affected lives in 213 countries as of May 2020 and this count can rise. With more than 5.5 million confirmed cases and over 340K deaths, it has taken the spotlight since its appearance in Wuhan city, China in December 2019 (as reported by WHO).

Initially, the outbreak was not taken seriously by several countries thinking this is another southeast Asian virus that will be starting and ending there. With the advanced traveling options and wide network and connectivity, the virus spread like wildfire.

COVID 19 outbreak was declared a pandemic by March 2020. Several countries went to total lockdown by March considering that was the only tested and proved method to control this outbreak. Several approaches such as social distancing, wearing masks, etc were taken to break the ‘chain’ of spreading. There is a saying that when your enemy is invisible, it is preferred to be in hiding… The crux is, humans were totally on the backfoot against this virus which is just 65-125 nm in size (which is 6.5 e -6 cm)!

Deaths started mounting as a result of the virus that caught us unguarded and underprepared. Countries with the best medical systems in pace were not prepared to handle such a fast-paced spread of the infection. Several countries, it was the older population who succumbed to the COVID 19 outbreak. Sadly, helplessly countless died without oxygen and all their life’s struggles ended for something freely available.

Long lockdowns started shaking the WORLD ECONOMY! The richest, the strongest, and the mightiest were the ones who were shaking the worst. The developed nations became unsettled, developing nations became anxious and for the underdeveloped, it didn’t constitute any difference.

Religious gatherings were banned by the law of the land. The world came to a standstill…

World leaders were busy finding a solution to save their country from this so far unstoppable invisible enemy. A few tried to be brave, A few to be over-cautious, and others tried to be smart but Virus was just too smart for them to handle…

Some might have surely thought, what is this all about? Before we answer it’s difficult to ignore some signs from nature…

  1. Rivers becoming clean- in general numerous highly polluted water bodies are carrying much cleaner water now. This is as the result of all the industries are closed and no industrial pollution pushed to the rivers.
  2. Various countries’ air quality has improved (air is much clearer). Ground-level OZONE or smog has decreased by around 15% (a majority of places). Emissions dropped. NASA images show NO2 emissions over Europe is fading away.
  3. The ban on people’s movement helped to reduce CO2 emission.
  4. Animals are trying to take back their habitats- There are several sightings of land, air, and water animals coming back to the places which they avoided since decades due to human population invaded their habitats.–> Sea turtles were seen in beaches for laying eggs which they avoided for years, Dolphins were seen on waters which the current young generation has not experienced, U usually shy Indian civet seen strolling on the road, A city bird sparrow, which in recent years has vanished from the cities due to increased pollution and decrease in habitats is making a comeback. There are numerous similar incidents reported. ‘Rewilding your cities’ a REEL from is a good video to watch which summarizes the points mentioned above.

These are not the end of the list but I feel these are enough signs given by nature for us to retrospect….

Have we ever thought that, in the past couple of decades, where were we heading to?

Who has given us so much authority on nature to exploit it?

Don’t you think nature (here I say GOD, as I am a believer) trying to tell us SOMETHING? Enough, you have crossed all the boundaries, and now it’s time to STOP. Countries and people who thought they were invincible are shattered by an invisible!  

Several religious scriptures, you will come across instances where humans are in deep trouble and their god either send someone or he will come and rescue. There are mentions about great famines, deceases, natural calamities which had threatened the mere exitance of human life on earth. There were surely lockdowns (not so well-defined ones, but still hiding can also be a lockdown). In my opinion, when humans overcame all those hurdles, nothing causing the same changed but WE CHANGED. Change is not required for the Virus; it is us who has to change the way we are living.

We cannot ignore these signs anymore. The ecosystem works precisely alike the human body. When you are healthy, you are worthy similarly when nature is healthy it will have healthy living beings including humans. Stop the aggressive development-driven lifestyle which is altering the ecosystem.

Think again …

  • Do we need to destroy our forest at such a pace (amazon forests are disappearing at a rate of 88% year on year)? You cannot grow a tree to the fullest in your lifetime. So, are you worthy of cutting down one?
  • Do we need to exploit the oceans so much?
  • Can we leave marine life to reproduce peacefully?
  • Can we control our livestock production? Why can’t we produce what we need?
  • Can we have improved planning for production, usage, and disposable of non-decomposable products?
  • Can we have better strong cooperation among countries for a stable climate agreement?   
  • And Finally, … Do we need bush meat or meat from the wild? Do you think it’s better to leave the unknown viruses untouched?

Nature is highly adaptable. Let’s start treating this beautiful planet better. Please do understand we don’t have anywhere else to go. Change has to come from each one of us.